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Apple is looking for suppliers for its screen

More and more voices are saying that Apple will not be holding a keynote for the rest of the year, but nevertheless rumors about the upcoming arrival of new products keep coming in. Proof of this is what comes to us from DigiTimes and is reflected in AppleInsider: the 16-inch MacBook Pro is already in full production .

Quanta Computer would be responsible for manufacturing this computer from China, which would equip the Coffee Lake or Ice Lake generation of Intel . It also corroborates previous rumors about a new keyboard with the scissor mechanism and ultra-thin frames that would leave a 16-inch screen with nearly the same dimensions as a current 15-inch MacBook Pro.

Apple is looking for suppliers for its screen
Apple is looking for suppliers for its screen

At AppleThe new 16″ MacBook Pro will debut in late October, according to DigiTimes

The fact that the computer is already being manufactured means that its launch is near , whether or not there is an event to present it. Maybe sooner than we think Apple renews its website by surprise, sending a press release to inform about it. The computer is mentioned in the last betas of MacOS Catalina, so we could see it in even a few weeks.

The Elec is another source that provides more data on a product that we will see at the latest before the WWDC in 2020: LG would already be negotiating with Apple to become the supplier of the screens for the alleged iPhone SE 2 . These would be 4.7 inch screens for the “iPhone 8 style” design of the terminal. And of course, they would be LCD screens.

These panels would be in the last quality checks , and LG would be ready to modify its production lines to mass produce them. However, the first shipments would be of relatively few units to see how the public responds to them. I don’t think there are any obstacles to this deal, knowing that LG Display already provides Apple with the OLED displays of its best iPhone.

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