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Apple is looking for producers to make more music videos

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We echoed the fact very recently: some music videos of the artists who have helped with the launch of Apple Music are produced by Apple itself. We have already said that it may have been a barter to get that help, but it seems that it has not been anything punctual: the company has published a job offer where is looking for a video producer .

Apple is looking for producers to make more music videos
Apple is looking for producers to make more music videos

That producer must be available to work from Los Angeles, and ” will be responsible for all video projects arising in Apple Music and iTunes “. In other words, the few music videos we have seen so far will not be anecdotal. Apple may have taken the first steps to become a production company .

Obviously you have to spend time and see that the strategy of creating music videos for artists works, but let’s think: if Netflix and Amazon have been encouraged to produce their own content, what is stopping companies like Apple or Google from doing the same? And more Apple, which is immersed in the world of music with artists like Trent Reznor on its senior executive staff .

And if we go further, we can also take into account that new AppleTV that was delayed and that we will apparently see this fall. All that remains is for Tim Cook to get tired of negotiating with the distributors and to dare to found his own production company, by adding his own channel to the front page of all the AppleTVs in the world . The move could be good, although if it becomes a reality it would still be a long way off.

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