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Apple is looking for an engineer to anodize the iPhone 5S and offer it in color

Rumors are already starting to appear about the next iPhone that will be taken out by Cupertino’s company. Although more than a rumor it seems to be something very true, since, according to Apple’s latest job offers, they are looking for an engineer who knows how to handle compounds to offer the products in different colors. This inevitably leads us to the idea of an iPhone 5S in various colors, something that many may not see with good eyes.

Many have been the rumors that have come in about the next generation of the iPhone and many are likely to continue to emerge. Now, more than a rumor, we have a job offer that is supposedly looking for an expert anodizing process engineer to “help create the next generation of the world’s best electronic devices,” in Apple’s words.

Apple is looking for an engineer to anodize the iPhone 5S and offer it in colorApple is looking for an engineer to anodize the iPhone 5S and offer it in color

The person chosen, it seems is going to work on the aluminium anodising processes and on additional new surface finishing techniques such as sandblasting or physical vapour deposition. This job offer is accompanied by rumours that the next iPhone will come on the market in a range of around six or eight different colours according to analysts.

Rumors pointed to the iPhone 5S as the first iPhone to be released in more than just black or white , and it may in fact offer a range of colors similar to that currently found in the current generation of iPod touch.

As a curiosity, for those who are looking to have an iPhone 5 in another color than the two alternatives offered by Apple, there is a company that currently takes care of it . However, we must take into account that it is not something original and official from Apple, but just a different finish thanks to third parties.

Returning a little to the subject at hand, I don’t think Apple is really looking to offer its flagship device in other colors. It’s true that if the market demands more colors, they may give in to them, but I still find it hard to believe that Apple will give up their elegance just to satisfy a passing fad. In my opinion, I think this offer is more directed towards iPods and not towards the iPhone . And you, do you want an iPhone in color?

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