“Apple is lagging behind with its iPhone features,” or so Steve Wozniak says


This is not the first time, and it certainly won’t be the last, that Steve Wozniak makes some kind of statement about Apple and its products. Some time ago he commented that Android had certain features that iOS was missing. Today there are still differences and it is true that for certain users there are points where iOS is weak or not reachable. Now, in an interview with Business Week he comments that Apple is lagging behind in features with its iPhone .

“Apple is lagging behind with its iPhone features,” or so Steve Wozniak says
“Apple is lagging behind with its iPhone features,” or so Steve Wozniak says

The truth is, I don’t think Woz’s words will surprise anyone. I still think the iPhone 5 is a good terminal. For me, one of the best phones and since my choice of operating system is iOS, the best. But it is true that the competition is not so far away anymore. Even, as Woz shows, there are companies like Samsung that have been gaining a lot of ground. And not only Samsung, Sony with its Xperia Z seems to me to be offering a very interesting product that in certain points surpasses it. And they are not the only ones, also Nokia with the Lumia 920 or HTC.

All this has an explanation, at least for me, at the level of performance is no longer so easy to surprise . When the original iPhone was released there was nothing like it, it was revolutionary. Today it’s very difficult to launch something really new. And we’ve seen how adding more processors to the terminal doesn’t mean better performance. I also don’t think that adding screens of thousand inches is a big deal, so only bets like the liquid protection of the Xperia Z attract my attention.

That’s why I’m giving Wozniak a piece of my mind. But not because of the iPhone’s features but because of iOS. Because it is true that is where it must revolutionize again . It’s the software that makes the difference. The interior, the guts, the raw power of a device must be in line with the needs of the software and that Apple controls very well. They don’t need the fastest processor, they just need to optimise their software even better.

So I hope that the next version of iOS will revitalize the iPhone. Improving applications like Maps, more usefulness of Siri in any country and not only USA (a dream would be if they opened the API to developers), a substantial improvement of Mail (rivals like Mailbox will not make it easy), etc. As we have already said, this should be the year of software at Apple.

Even so, Steve Wozniak still loves Apple products. That’s why he lines up at the Apple Store with every new release.


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