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Apple is in touch with Epix for its movie streaming


It is often said that when the river sounds, it carries water, and the truth is that this river begins to have a significant flow. More and more news is reaching us that may lead us to think that we will see an Apple TV sooner rather than later . And this is the case here, since according to Reuters, since the beginning of this year 2012 Apple has been talking to Epix about having its streaming services .

Apple is in touch with Epix for its movie streaming
Apple is in touch with Epix for its movie streaming

Epix, for those of you who don’t know it, is a film streaming service that was created three years ago with the support of three major film production companies, Lion’s Gate Entertaiment Corp., MGM (Metro Goldwyn Mayer) and Viacom’s Paramount Pictures, with these three greats you can imagine the catalogue that may be behind it. News like these indicate the bet Apple is having for its next device and that they want to have available the largest possible catalogue to offer to their hypothetical buyers.

Negotiations may be difficult, since Netflix has an agreement with Epix that obliges it to give it around $200 million a year for the exclusive broadcasting rights to its film catalogue , but this agreement will be in force until September this year (just when Apple’s TV launch is expected, last quarter of 2012). The number of moves by Apple over the last two years (remember the attempt to close deals with the major American film producers last year) suggest that Apple’s TV is a reality and they are trying to reach agreements to offer as much audiovisual content as possible.


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