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Apple is hiring engineers from HTC

Apple is continuing its policy of expansion, particularly with regard to its operations in Asia, and according to the latest information it is hiring engineers for its operations in Asia . With these hires, it seeks to expand and accelerate the production of its products, both new and existing. These new teams will work out of the company’s main Asian campus in Shanghai, China, and its office in Taipei, Taiwan.

Taking advantage of the problems HTC is having lately, Apple is hiring engineers from HTC, as well as from Inventec and other high-tech companies in Taiwan to build an engineering team in Taipei. Apple intends to have these new hires work closely with its Asian hardware suppliers, accelerating the production of both the iPhone and iPad . It will also oversee software quality assurance.

Apple is hiring engineers from HTCApple is hiring engineers from HTC

Over the past two years, Apple has conducted major recruitment campaigns, adding several hundred new engineers and operations staff in China. It was in mid-2013 that a significant increase in hiring actually occurred, with the current 600 employees in China adding engineers and operations staff.

Hiring managers for the different supply chains can be to improve the working conditions offered by your suppliers , in response to the continuous criticism you receive for the working conditions in the factories of the selected suppliers .

We’ll see if so much contracting finally ends the lack of units that we’ve had to suffer in the latest product launches, such as the low inventory of iPad mini with Retina screen at its launch, or for example the supply problems caused by production problems that iMac has had on numerous occasions. Or Apple simply needs more people to handle the production of new product categories.