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Apple is experiencing delays at its repair centers in Europe

If for some reason you’re dealing with Apple technical support these days, you may be encountering spin-offs from what I’m about to tell you. Apple has, along with Microsoft, to give an example, one of the best technical support services on the market, with failures, but generally responds remarkably to the needs of its users. But, as I said, everything has failures, some of them due to incidents caused in their repair centers as it is the case.

Apple has a single European repair center located in the Netherlands. This is where each and every device goes for repair and the moment this centre catches a flu, users notice it. In this case, an incident in the centre is causing delays that affect phone repairs and in turn affect the timing of the repairs.

Apple is experiencing delays at its repair centers in EuropeApple is experiencing delays at its repair centers in Europe

More specifically, the delays that we are aware of, which Apple technical support says are numerous, affect the express replacement service which does not mean that it is not also affecting other replacement options. Express Replacement is an option that is automatically available to customers who have contracted with AppleCare, or to regular customers for ?29, which consists of a direct replacement for your iPhone. If you have a problem, the carrier will deliver your new device to you at the same time you deliver yours.

In case you are experiencing this type of issue, what you should do is contact Apple’s technical support where you will be assigned an agent to follow up on the issue . In these cases, Apple usually compensates the affected users in some way, so if you do not have AppleCare, you may be reimbursed the ?29 for the inconvenience. Are you experiencing this type of issue or delay with Apple’s technical support?