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Apple Is Doomed to Some Media

Don’t worry, Apple is still standing and as far as we can tell is still in good health, but it seems that a fear has been instilled among analysts and journalists about the future that lies ahead for Cupertino’s company. This is not new, such fear was born almost in parallel after the death of Stevee Jobs, its co-founder. The company has always been closely associated with Jobs’ figure, almost like that of a father and son. After his departure, rumors about the company’s inability to continue without its guru soared. But… is Apple doomed?

Some media consider Apple to be doomed for the future

Apparently, it can be said in no uncertain terms that the company has not only failed to do so, but has recently delivered the best financial results in its history. What does it take to make people happy in this economy? Comedian Bill Maher jokingly asked about the situation of the company that created the iPad. And he is absolutely right, Apple continues to sell products to handfuls, is the most admired company in the world for the sixth year in a row, is the largest technology company in the world, have lowered their profit margin a little, yes, but these are still much wider than the rest of the companies.

Apple Is Doomed to Some Media
Apple Is Doomed to Some Media

The big problem, as Arianna Huffington rightly pointed out, is due to the obnoxious bag. That ephemeral scale that measures whether a company is good or bad and can sometimes lead to a company going bankrupt through simple speculation. Someone joked that Apple should manipulate its shares so that all investors would be happy again.

The fear that hangs over the company has spread to different media outlets, for example, last month Gizmodo published “Can Apple’s shares regain their value without Steve Jobs”, Fox News prayed “Why is she sick” and the more apocalyptic one coming from Computerworld “Apple is doomed, doomed, doomed”. Even the Wall Street Journal, which is considered an unofficial spokesperson for Apple, used the sensationalism to publish that the Android Tablet was winning over the iPad in the business environment, when an independent study showed that the percentage of iPad activations in the company had grown from 71 to 77%.

To top it off, the latest news that reached us a few days ago said that Apple had ceded the crown to Google as the company with the most presence in American investment funds. It also revealed that the nervousness among investors is producing an early sale of the shares in Cupertino’s company (you can give me a few).

Forbes recently published that Apple had once again become the most valued company in the world for the sixth consecutive year, but even Forbes’ people don’t seem to have given the apple guys a break, as they recently published an article giving the reasons why Apple wouldn’t be on the list this year.

These seem to be difficult times for the company, not so much because of its real situation, which is good at least as far as the economic issue is concerned, but because of the speculation and fear that is increasingly permeating many sectors.

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