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Apple is destroying the planet… and it knows it

It is clear that Apple is a successful company that does not stop innovating and therefore selling products. One of the reasons why the brand can sell so many new devices is that we keep throwing away the old ones, either because the battery life has gotten worse or there is a new more advanced model just released , the famous hype .

The iPhone has become an emblem of this mentality and what environmental groups consider to be a waste. The company makes it difficult to repair its products by using proprietary screws and other manufacturing and design techniques that mean only Apple or expert repairers can fix them . The company also makes it notoriously difficult to replace its batteries by gluing them to other components and burying them under layers of complex and sensitive parts. Instead, Apple encourages consumers to throw away models that are only 18 to 24 months old to replace them with others.

Apple is destroying the planet… and it knows it
Apple is destroying the planet… and it knows it

Apple is continually working to improve sustainability efforts, but the company remains committed to maintaining strict control over how its products are manufactured and repaired . “The highly integrated design allows us to make products that are not only beautiful, thin and powerful, but also long-lasting, so they can last for many years,” the company said.

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“When repairs are necessary, authorized suppliers can guarantee the quality and safety of the repairs for customers. And when products reach the end of their lives, Apple assumes responsibility for safe and responsible recycling. The company adds that continues to invest in environmentally friendly recycling efforts .


However, it is true that Apple consumers, having devices that are not easily repaired by the same user, we talk for example about being able to change a battery, they feel “anchored” to the brand in one way or another. Perhaps there are many factors that must change to make the consumption of technology more sustainable . Otherwise, we run out of resources and leave a poor legacy for future generations.


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