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Apple is considering buying

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Apple’s next big acquisition could be a company dedicated to autonomous driving . According to some sources, the startup is looking to be acquired by a technology giant and Apple is one of the companies considering doing so. If confirmed, this would be a major step forward for Apple’s own autonomous driving project.

Apple is considering buying
Apple is considering buying

As The Information explains, Apple is in talks to acquire . At the moment, there is no official confirmation, nor are there any figures to try to make the purchase. is a young but promising self-employed driving and transport company, so the figure is not going to be low.

At AppleIn case you still had doubts, Tim Cook confirms it: they are working on a software for autonomous vehicles

Apple appears to be structuring the agreement to take over the company’s engineers and key personnel . This would be the main objective of the acquisition, to take over the talent it has. Something we’ve seen in virtually every Apple acquisition – acquiring talent and intellectual property to integrate into their own products rather than brand equity.

If the deal goes through, Apple could get a good handful of engineers and experts in autonomous driving and artificial intelligence . According to one report, in early February of this year had more than 100 employees who were experts in autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, neural networks and more.

That Apple is developing its own autonomous driving platform is an open secret really. The company has been doing this for years, with its ups and downs, it seems that the project is still going ahead and a purchase as big as this could be one more confirmation of that .


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