Apple is attacked by hackers using Java vulnerabilities

Apple has registered an attack on your computers using vulnerabilities discovered in the Java plug-ins of our browsers. After learning about the incident, Apple has launched a Java update and Cupertino’s have neutralized the computers infected by the attacks. As far as we know, no information has been stolen by the hackers.

Apple has announced that has been attacked by hackers using some vulnerabilities in the Java browser plug-in . According to Cupertino’s company, only a few of his workers’ computers have been attacked. Within hours of the attack, the company on the block has released a Java update for users that fixes these bugs.

Apple is attacked by hackers using Java vulnerabilities
Apple is attacked by hackers using Java vulnerabilities

Apple also reported that there is no indication that any company information has been stolen , due to rapid intervention and removal of infected computers from the company network. This same Friday, the social network Facebook also suffered attacks by hackers of Chinese nationality, in which company computers were damaged but no information was stolen.

Cupertino’s company breathes a sigh of relief that there are no signs of information theft of any kind and that the attack has only affected a small number of computers . However, the speed with which the workers have acted by bringing out a Java update for our operating systems may have been key in preventing a more severe contagion.

According to a press release, hackers have managed to breach the security of Apple’s systems through a bug in the Java plug-in installed in Internet browsers . The software in question appears to have been released by developers of software from the iPhoneDevSDK forum.

According to the New York Times, there is evidence of the existence of a small group of Chinese hackers , who are allegedly working to uncover secret U.S. government businesses.

A few days ago, this same newspaper, together with the Wall Street Journal, sounded the alarm when a hacker attack was discovered, also from Chinese territory, which was looking for the e-mail addresses of reporters from these newspapers. They had been especially hard on the government of this Asian country.

Fortunately all these attacks have been left in little more than a scare and we hope that for the future Apple and Oracle themselves will increase precautions regarding add-ons for our Java browsers and their possible errors and weaknesses.

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