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Apple is already working on “On the rocks”, its first own film

Apple continues to work on its new video-on-demand platform. Its new service is planned for this 2019 and could alternate content produced by third parties with series and films produced by the company itself in collaboration with a production company.

In November we learned that Apple had reached an agreement with the prestigious studio A24 for the production of films . And during these last hours we have learned new information about what will be the first film produced by both companies.

Apple is already working on “On the rocks”, its first own film
Apple is already working on “On the rocks”, its first own film

The production company A24 knows very well what the success of one of its films is, and that is the production of the film “Moonlight” , which won 3 Oscars and 5 other nominations in 2016. This undoubtedly made Apple look at them to strengthen a partnership that is already beginning to take shape.

Sofia Coppola to direct Apple’s “On the rocks”

As Variety says, the first film by Apple and A24 will be called “On the rocks” and will be directed by Sofia Coppola , who has already directed other films such as “Marie Antoinette”, “The Bling Ring” or “The Virgin Suicides”. Coppola’s participation as an actress in big films like “Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace” or the trilogy of “The Godfather” also serves her as experience in the sector.

“On the rocks” will star veteran actor and comedian Bill Murray , who has worked with Coppola as a director on other occasions. Rashida L. Jones will be the other leading actress in the film and her character will carry a lot of weight in the plot as she plays a young mother who, together with her playboy father, begins an adventure in New York.

While the production of this film will start next month , Apple is still working on other projects. In this way, the company is immersed in casting and selection processes in order to produce enough content to be able to release its streaming platform before the end of the year.

We haven’t heard anything about the adaptation of the Israeli series “Nevelot”, for example, which Apple would be trying to make with Richard Gere as the main character. However, it is possible that this project has been finally discarded. However new projects will be emerging throughout this year .

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