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Apple is accused of an air tragedy two years ago

Apple is accused of a plane crash in May 2016. An aircraft owned by EgypAir disappeared from all radars as it flew through Greece.

The accident is a mystery, especially because of the secrecy of the investigations, but relatives of the victims claim that the culprit could be the co-pilot’s iPhone or iPad , where it heated up and started to burn. Filling the entire cockpit with smoke.

Apple is accused of an air tragedy two years ago
Apple is accused of an air tragedy two years ago

The black box of the device registered a strong presence of smoke inside the cabin, as a result of a heating of the device, where it was subsequently heated and then the trace of the plane was lost. The families have reported the airline and Apple itself.

This is a sensitive issue, as many lives were lost. Specifically 61 people, 55 passengers and 6 crew members. Luckily, the plane was travelling with much less user capacity than it normally carried, so the misfortune could have been greater.

On the night of May 18, 2016, on an Egyptair Airbus 320 and 55 passengers belonging to flight 804, they decided to make a trip from Paris to Cairo . Despite the fact that the flight ran normally during the entire journey, some 50 kilometres from the Greek coast, the trail was lost. According to preferential information.

Since then, both the French and Egyptian authorities have not been very transparent with the investigation. This is unacceptable for the relatives, where they started with their own investigation . Obtaining information from various sources, including, to the data collected by one of the black boxes of the plane.

The conclusion of the family members when collecting all possible data, is that the iPhone or iPad of the co-pilot, began to heat up until it caused a fire that filled the entire cockpit with smoke . This is why they believe that the plane suffered the tragic end. A few days ago, we told you about how an iPhone 6s exploded in an inexplicable way, something like this the relatives believe could have happened in the fateful flight of Egyptair.

Officially, the French investigation office is trying to find out whether this act was a terrorist act, a device overheated after being incorrectly plugged in or even a mechanical failure. The families, for their part, have sued Apple and the airline itself as solely responsible for this terrible accident.