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Apple iPhone 8 (64G B)

I state that this review does not want to be a technical data sheet, on the contrary it will focus on the concrete experience of using the device.

I have owned an iPhone 8 for over a year and a half and I am really satisfied with it, so much so that I felt like recommending it to several friends and family who bought it.

Apple iPhone 8 (64G B)
Apple iPhone 8 (64G B)

In my opinion this iPhone is simply PRACTICAL and CONCRETE.

It is compact enough to be used on the fly to do anything with one hand, which is not to be taken for granted given the established trend of increasing the display size exaggeratedly. For me it is priceless to be able to use the phone with one hand while getting off public transport quickly, with a firm grip, even in the middle of people’s yanking.

Not only the size makes this phone practical, but also the Touch ID, the fingerprint sensor.

Being positioned in the home button is extremely convenient, especially because it allows you to unlock the phone at all times, even without looking at it. This can be useful when the phone is placed on a table, for example, or in the car to listen to messages with voice commands, because you can unlock it simply by placing your finger instead of lifting the whole phone to unlock it with your face.

The Bionic A11 processor is a splinter, making the phone run smoothly and without sticking. It is fluid in multitasking and allows you to perform all your daily activities very well.

It is probably the best feature of the phone, which two years after the presentation does not seem to slow down, on the contrary, thanks to constant software updates it has become even more fluid.

The camera is excellent (I enclose a few shots, strictly without retouching), you can take great photos on the fly without difficulty.

I do not believe that the lack of a zoom camera or a wide angle camera is serious, certainly it would be better to have them, but I think that for the average use that you do with a cell phone is more than enough the camera supplied.

The iOS operating system is the usual gilded cage: if you have other Apple devices, you can’t get hurt. The system is fluid and intuitive, it has its own logic to understand, but when you get used to it, it seems that there is no better way than the one proposed by iOS to perform the various daily activities.

When you start interfacing with different operating systems the usual critical issues emerge, but in my opinion they are very limited thanks to the clouds. In any case, knowing how to use the operating system, there is nothing you can not do.

I would like to underline the importance of IP67 certified waterproofness: it is very comfortable to use the iPhone in the rain or, if necessary, to wash it under the tap, for example after having been on the beach, where the phone will certainly have come into contact with sand and salt.

I find that the only drawback is the battery, which lasts all day if you do a normal use (4-5 hours of screen), but if you start to stress the iPhone more autonomy will not be enough to get to evening. On the other hand, with the quick charge in 30 minutes you have about 70% of charge.

To conclude, since I have gone on too long, I recommend you to purchase the iPhone 8 with your eyes closed, provided you pay a reasonable price. As of September 3, 2019, I feel like saying that a good price could be about 500€.

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