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Apple iPhone 7 May Not Need to Charge the Battery

A new Apple patent reveals that they may be working on integrating solar cells under the smartphone’s touch screen , which could mean that the iPhone 7 would never need to charge its battery, and that other devices could benefit from this functionality.

This would be welcome, especially for those who need to have their smartphone available throughout the day and do not have a moment to plug the iPhone into the power supply with the charger. We do not know exactly if this would serve to fully charge the battery or to increase the autonomy of the same. We’ll tell you all the details.

No more charging the battery on iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7 May Not Need to Charge the Battery
Apple iPhone 7 May Not Need to Charge the Battery

The new US patent, although very ambiguous, does mention that the idea is to introduce a solar panel-like system into the iPhone’s own screen . Although this technology could be introduced in other touch screens of other devices in the block, such as the iPad, the Apple Watch, the iPod Touch or even the trackpad of the MacBook.

According to the patent the idea of the solar panel hidden in the touch screen is to recharge the device throughout the day . Although there is no mention of the technology specifically, it could boost the battery consumption of the iPhone and extend its life for longer or even eliminate the need to charge the phone.

This technology could also be implemented in other peripherals in Apple’s range, such as the wireless Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad or the Apple keyboard, as revealed by the patent itself.

Apple interested in extending battery life

Since always, the most common problem with mobile devices is their battery life . Companies like Apple have always fought for their devices to have the longest possible life, but it is true that in many occasions charging the mobile phone on a daily basis becomes the most common routine, unfortunately.

This new patent could be the solution, or at least part of it, to the problem of short battery life in smartphones. It would also give iPhone 7 the ability to charge its battery with the help of light alone. The patent comments on the possibility of these solar sensors being arranged on the bezels of the iPhone 7 , as can be seen in the image above.

On the other hand, Apple is also developing a way for devices to consume less battery power through software. We already have the power-saving mode that they have implemented in the Apple Watch and we have also learned that iOS 9 will come with a power-saving mode that will extend battery life, or at least that is the intention.

Anyway, we already know that Apple patents practically all the ideas and this functionality would have to be developed and implemented, so the patent we have known thanks to Express could become feasible for iPhone 7, if Cupertino’s people develop the technology and see that it is possible.

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