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Apple iPhone 11 64GB Amarillo Libre

New camera with ultra wide angle. The new camera with ultra wide angle covers four times more image. Get ready to capture infinite landscapes, take the whole stage and audience at a festival in a single image, or get your whole family together in one shot without leaving out any of that beach you love so much.

New night mode. Taking pictures in low light is no longer taking blind pictures. The new Night mode is automatically activated so you can take great pictures in dimly lit environments. Enjoy more natural colors and brighter pictures without flashing.

Apple iPhone 11 64GB Amarillo Libre
Apple iPhone 11 64GB Amarillo Libre

The portraits go further. The two cameras on iPhone 11 work together to create powerful images. And if that’s not enough, you get new types of portraits and more lighting controls. Now with Portrait Mode, you can take pictures of anything you put in front of you, including your four-legged friends. The iOS 13 Mono High Key Light Effect transforms your portraits into elegant black and white photos worthy of a professional. And Portrait Lighting Control lets you adjust the lighting for your subjects to give them exactly the touch you want.

The next generation intelligent HDR. Thanks to automatic learning, the Smart HDR is smarter than ever. It detects if there are people and processes them differently from the rest of the image. It highlights lighter areas of faces, adds detail to shadows and gives a natural look to skin tones. And the spectacular sunset in the background doesn’t lose any of its magic.

Start recording videos instantly with QuickTake. If you are taking a photo but you think about it and decide to make a video, just keep your finger on the trigger. When you get tired of clicking, slide to the right to continue recording and you’re done. If you’re outside and see a squirrel, for example, the A13 Bionic can use auto-learning to automatically follow it in motion.

Introducing Selfie Sofie. Everything is funny at 120 fs, from saying “potato”, to simply waving or letting your hair down in the wind. And the good news continues: thanks to the new 12 Mpx TrueDepth camera you can cover more ground in your selfies. Hold iPhone horizontally and it automatically zooms out to enlarge the frame. See that smile?

Look at this video: Solfie on iPhone 11


The hardest glass in a smartphone. The glass in the front and back has been reinforced by a double ion exchange process and is waterproof to twice the depth. iPhone 11 is waterproof up to 6 feet (2 meters) deep for up to 30 minutes – twice as deep as iPhone XR.


  • Liquid Retina LCD. Everything looks great on the extraordinary edge-to-edge display.
  • True Tone. This technology adjusts the white balance to the color temperature of the surrounding light.
  • Touch or lift to activate. Your iPhone is instantly ready.
  • Haptic response. Do it all in flight with shortcuts and context menus.

Autonomy for the whole day. The hardware and software work hand in hand to maximise autonomy. And thanks to quick charging, you’ll have a spare battery in less time.

The fastest chip on a smartphone. The A13 Bionic is so powerful that it lets you do everything at lightning speed. It’s also ultra-efficient, so you’ll have plenty of battery life. It’s a chip so advanced it’s light years away from the rest.

The iPhone debuts ultra-wideband technology. The A13 Bionic is so powerful it lets you do everything at lightning speed. It’s also ultra-efficient, so you’ll have a battery life that lasts a long time. It’s a chip so advanced, it’s light-years away from the rest.

Retains its value for longer. All iPhones are made from top quality materials and are designed to last. When the time comes to part with it, you can exchange it for a new one at a discount. Your old iPhone will be refurbished or recycled.

Look at this video: Introducing iPhone 11

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