Apple iPad or Google Nexus 7, which to choose?

Until now, the question that almost everyone who was going to buy a tablet asked was “black or white iPad? There were virtually no other options, as current tablets with Android are quite lazy. Amazon’s Kindle Fire arrived to try to change this, but beyond the borders of the US the sales figures have been very low. Can Nexus 7 change this scenario?

Jerry Hildenbrand , from Android Central , has done a complete analysis of Google’s Nexus 7; and, according to Jerry, the device is good but does not represent a ” drastic change “:

Apple iPad or Google Nexus 7, which to choose?
Apple iPad or Google Nexus 7, which to choose?

Jerry himself said the following when he analyzed the new iPad:

With this in mind, is the Nexus 7 with Android 4.1 really a better alternative to the iPad?


The iPad has a 9.7-inch Retina Display screen and resolution of 2048×1536 pixels at 264ppp. The larger size makes it more uncomfortable to hold for a long period of time, and more difficult to carry without a carrying bag. But at the same time, a screen allows the execution of more powerful software , and the larger interface makes it easier to use .

The Nexus 7, as we have already mentioned at length, has a 7-inch IPS screen and resolution 1280×800 at 216ppp. This smaller size makes it ideal for use over long periods of time, and makes it more easily transportable. However, the 7-inch can make the experience of using a Tablet not much different than viewing the application on a mobile phone . In fact, in the Nexus 7, some applications use combinations of phone and Tablet designs.

In terms of capacity, the iPad plus ” large ” reaches 64GB; while the Nexus 7 stays at a maximum of 16GB .


The iPad currently runs under the iOS 5.1.1 operating system , but will be upgraded to iOS 6 with major new features this fall. It is a mature operating system with most of the features that almost all users need. It is designed for most, however, this makes it more “geeky” for users who like to touch it, as it is less flexible and adaptable.

The Nexus 7 runs under Android 4.1 Jelly Bean , which promises all the power and flexibility of previous versions, but with a new design that improves the user experience. It is not as polished as iOS, but has more customization possibilities.

Both are stable operating systems with enough features to meet the needs of any consumer , even though iOS remains more closed and Android more customizable.

The iPad has access to the iTunes ecosystem , where you can find music, movies, TV shows, books, and the App Store. iTunes offers virtually any kind of content you’re looking for, in most countries, and so far no one comes close (maybe Amazon). In addition, with the iPad we can also access services from Google or Amazon, for example it has a native application for the Kindle.


The Nexus 7 is a front-end to the Google Play store and is optimized to help us buy and enjoy content in the best possible way. Google offers a solid service, but one that may still lack support from the big studios in the US, and this is compounded if we leave the US.

So, both platforms have software markets with hundreds of thousands of applications and games , and both have multimedia content in their stores, but Apple has the advantage of having this content available in many more countries and not only in the USA.


The iPad starts at 499 for the 16GB model . In addition, we remind you that the iPad 2 is still on sale for £399 in its 16GB version.

The Nexus 7 will be launched for £199 with 8GB of storage, and £249 with 16GB.


So what do we do, Apple iPad or Google Nexus 7?

If you have no great reason to buy a smaller, more portable device, or if you’ve already made a large investment in Android apps, choose the iPad. And if you live outside the US, it’s almost a “must have” decision , at least for now.

If you want a smaller and cheaper Tablet, or you hate Apple, then the Nexus 7 is your best option right now.

Finally, if you’re not in a hurry and don’t need a tablet urgently, you might want to wait until the end of the year and see if Apple finally releases its iPad Mini, if it does it will be an option to be considered.

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