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Apple iPad Air 2 Ad

The iPhone and iPad have shown over the last few years that thanks to their powerful hardware and the many applications specially designed for them, are able to create all kinds of content and not just consume it .

In the last few devices we have seen the company’s marketing managers create different ads that especially demonstrate the potential that the iPad and iPhone have for different areas of work and our daily lives.

Apple iPad Air 2 Ad
Apple iPad Air 2 Ad

If a few weeks ago we saw the Make Music ad, now we can see Make a film with iPad, the new Apple ad that shows us all the potential that their devices have.

In a series of scenes we see how the iPad becomes the protagonist of the video thanks to its possibilities for recording, creating scripts, drawing sketches and creating soundtracks for the films that can later be edited and modified from the iPad itself.

We must take into account that the cameras of the latest iPhone and iPad leave nothing to be desired, they perfectly comply with what they promise and allow us to make recordings of very high quality for a mobile device. Obviously we are not in front of a camera to record in 4K and project in a cinema, but we can get real short films .

If we add to all this applications such as Storyist, iMovie, Filmic Pro or Hyperlapse we are looking at an enviable content creation tool. After seeing this commercial with a speech by Martin Scorsese included, many people will want to start shooting a short film, so you know, grab your iPhone or iPad and let your imagination run wild.

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