Apple invests in three wind farms in China that will provide 134MW of electricity

All of Apple’s direct activity around the world is being conducted under 100% renewable energy from April 2018. But this statistic excludes those related to its supply chain, which is spread across the globe but especially concentrated in China. Today, Apple announced that the Clean Energy Fund that it leads in China has invested in three wind farms to generate 134MW of energy.

Three wind farms for Apple’s Asian suppliers

This is how the company presents its ambitious project to provide clean energy to its suppliers in the Asian country. The Concord New Energy Group and the Fenghua Energy Investment Group are the groups in charge of the development of the three parks. The first two are located in Hunan Province and will have 48 megawatts each, while the third is located in Hubei Province and will have 38 megawatts of power. The total is 134MW of clean energy. According to the information disclosed by Apple, each rotor is capable of generating 2MW so the total of this project has 67 turbines.

Apple invests in three wind farms in China that will provide 134MW of electricity
Apple invests in three wind farms in China that will provide 134MW of electricity

Apple’s support is essential in this regard in order to gain the necessary scale to enable its suppliers to access cheap and efficient clean energy . A total of 44 suppliers in 16 countries have agreed to use 100% clean energy, which means 4GW by 2020. With the China Clean Energy Fund, it is expected to reach about one third.

Beyond renewable energy to reduce the impact on the environment

Using clean energy in its product design, development, and manufacturing operations is not Apple’s only effort to improve the environment. Over the years, the company has been involved in initiatives as diverse as they are eye-catching:

On AppleApple and the false myth of programmed obsolescence

And other projects. One of the most important is the one that aims to create apple products with 100% recycled materials . Two of the latest products launched two weeks ago are moving towards this goal: the Apple Watch Series 5 and the iPad 7. Both have 100% recycled aluminium in their chassis.

To do this, the company has had to resort to a special alloy that allows it to recycle this material over and over again. Without losing the properties that make it suitable for use. The fact is that the company is increasingly aware of its environmental impact , aiming to reduce it as much as possible. We will undoubtedly see further progress on this front in the coming years.

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