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Apple introduces two new announcements about the iPhone 5

To coincide with the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday in the United States, Apple has launched two new ads related to the iPhone 5. What they intend to show us are two different features, one related to the hardware of the new iPhone and the other to the iOS 6 software. Both new features are very helpful in the daily use of our smartphone as they offer us a comfort when communicating with our family or friends, something that you can see below.

The iPhone 5 has two new commercials that explain two of its new features, referring to hardware and also to software .

Apple introduces two new announcements about the iPhone 5
Apple introduces two new announcements about the iPhone 5

The first of these has to do with the noise cancellation system . To do this, the new iPhone has a microphone on the back that helps capture ambient noise and improve call quality.

They themselves comment that the more background noise, the better the calls sound . This is the translation of the announcement conversation:

The second announcement has to do with the option of sharing photos and images through Photostream , something that allows us to send several images at once and share them with our friends in a private and really simple way.

Promoting their new role in iOS 6, they explain how simple their new service is and how it can help us to be closer to our loved ones in important moments. This is what they tell us:

They are quick ads but they explain perfectly what they want us to know, and that helps when you have an iPhone in your hands, by intuition you know what to do with it .

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