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Apple Introduces News, a New App for iOS 9

When Tim Cook invited Craig Federighi to the stage, we all expected him to announce a few new features for iOS 9, but good old Craig surprised us all when announced the release of News , a new app that will replace Kiosk.

As we indicated in our article on all iOS 9 news, the application News will learn about all our tastes and interests to provide a better user experience.

Apple Introduces News, a New App for iOS 9
Apple Introduces News, a New App for iOS 9

The News application, as mentioned above, will replace the current native application and will allow users to view and read the articles in a much more enjoyable, pleasant and comfortable way thanks to its technology and interface in the purest Flipboard style.

Craig Federighi wanted to emphasize that iOS users love to select the topics that interest them to get all the related information in their favorite reading applications, and that’s how News works. In addition, the app allows us to choose specific websites and our favorite blogs.

Apple has partnered with The New York Times and ESPN to publish their content in the News app with free articles per month. Also Vanity Fair, Vogue, GQ and Wired have joined this initiative.

So, to sum up, the News application will learn about our tastes and will automatically recommend reading articles in which we might be interested, so obviously the more we use the application, the more useful it will be to us.

Finally, from 9to5mac we are informed that it is important to point out that the app will be launched in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia at its launch. So in the rest of the countries we will have to wait to see if they create a news application for iPhone and iPad partnering with Marca, Hola, El Mundo, El Pais and other newspapers or magazines that are so popular around here.

What do you think of Apple’s new News application? Do you like it better than Kiosk? Do you think it will reach the rest of the countries soon?

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