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Apple introduces Apple Music, the revolution your music needed

Estamos siguiendo la keynote de Apple en directo.

Here’s another genuine moment of deserving a One more thing… Apple Music. Jimmy Iovine has been in charge of introducing this new music service, which aims to regain the throne that streaming had taken from iTunes. According to Iovine, Apple Music is the step that both users and musicians , big and small, need.

Apple introduces Apple Music, the revolution your music needed
Apple introduces Apple Music, the revolution your music needed

Apple Music incorporates the human touch that algorithms are not capable of delivering. To this end, Apple has highlighted three aspects of Apple Music : a revolutionary music service, a worldwide radio station that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and a way to connect fans with their favorite artists.

What is Apple Music

The distinguishing feature of Apple Music is that even in a single service the ways music reaches the public. Songs, videos, artists and music lists, all in one single app on our device . The interface we have seen in the promotional video looks very good and promises to be a real breath of fresh air.

Eddy Cue has also come on stage to tell us the details of the new service, in addition to the artist Drake. Apple Music will have a section to read the blog of our favorite artists and keep us updated. But the really interesting thing is that there is a section with suggestions for custom playlists . Without a doubt, the huge iTunes catalogue is a big plus that Apple is squeezing to the max.

One of the big questions was what would happen to Beats and his brand. For the time being, it seems that Beats’ app will be integrated into Apple Music and will become the name of the radio of this service. A radio channel that will play music constantly and all over the world from three cities: Los Angeles, London and New York.

Siri’s new capabilities in relation to Music should be highlighted. Apart from asking you to play a specific song, we can ask you to do the same with the 10 best alternative songs or with a specific period of time. “Siri, play the best song from May ’82” is the one Eddy Cue asked for and we could listen to it immediately.

Availability and prices

Eddy Cue has revealed that Apple Music will be available on iOS 8.4, scheduled for June 30th. It will be available worldwide and will cost $9.99 per month. In addition, Apple Music will also be available to up to 6 iTunes Family members for $14.99 per month, allowing for separate playlists and tastes.

As if this wasn’t enough, Apple Music will have a free 3 month trial period and will be available on Android and Windows in October this year.

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