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Apple Introduces Angela Ahrendts as Vice President of Apple Retail

After several months of uncertainty, Apple has finally officially announced the arrival of Angela Ahrendts as the new Senior Vice President of Retail.

The former Burberry CEO joins Apple’s management team as the first female board member , taking direct orders from Tim Cook and leading two sections that had never been managed together before.

Apple Introduces Angela Ahrendts as Vice President of Apple Retail
Apple Introduces Angela Ahrendts as Vice President of Apple Retail

Therefore, from today, Angels Ahrendts will be in charge of the Apple Store website and the division of the physical stores of Cupertino’s company.

Angela Ahrendts will replace John Browett

With a small dedicated website, Apple wanted to welcome Angela Ahrendts, who will be responsible not only for managing the physical aesthetics of the company’s stores worldwide, but also for creating new initiatives and activities to attract more customers.

The position of Senior Vice President of Apple Retail and Store had been vacant since October 2012, when after Tim Cook himself claimed that John Browett was the best executive to lead Apple Retail, he had to swallow his own words months later after firing him for “not fitting in” to the company.

Angela Ahrendts will have to prove that this time Tim Cook is not wrong again and show that after working with Liz Claiborne, Donna Karan and finally Burberry, she has all the requirements to succeed and bring the Apple Store and Retail to the place where they deserve.

Tim Cook is proud of this new hire and sure that Angela is the right person

This is a small excerpt from what Tim Cook told his employees about the new senior vice president of Apple retail :

Finally, and according to the guys at iPhoneitalia, mention that Angela Ahrendts is a graduate of Ball State University in Indiana, where she also did a PhD in 2010. She is also a member of the UK Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council and has recently been appointed “Maid of Honour” of the British Empire.

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