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Apple introduces a MacBook Air renovado

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Apple introduces a MacBook Air renovado
Apple introduces a MacBook Air renovado

As it was leaked just yesterday, MacBook Air would be getting a makeover later this week. After many rumors and news reports that Cupertino’s lightest notebook would feature a Retina display, that’s just it, a rumor, and the MacBook Air (mid 2014) we’ve seen today has other improvements, but not precisely on the screen.

The fundamental change in the new generation of MacBook Air comes from the hardware of the same, in which we find hardly anything new. The only thing that changes is the processor, which has been updated with the new 1.4GHz Intel Core i5 in the most basic 11- and 13-inch MacBook Air models. Although we will always have the possibility of modifying the processor that comes from the factory and changing it to the Intel i7 at 1.7 GHz, if we need a computer with more performance.

Everything indicates that it has been a mistake by Apple, as these releases usually occur in the middle of the day, but currently the Apple Store already shows the new model with 1.4 GHz. Yes, the new MacBook Air reduces its base price by 100 euros, and we can get one from 929 euros . So Apple is able to separate the ranges further with the MacBook Pro with Retina display, which was not much more expensive than the MacBook Air. With a price of just over ?900, sales of this device will go through the roof. It’s a clear irony that Apple is able to adjust prices or inflate them disproportionately, as is the case with the iPhone.

Finally, the MacBook Air update did not include the Retina display, but it did change such an important component of a computer as the processor. We’ll see if iFixit finds any new changes internally in the next few days .

Was it really interesting to include a Retina display in a notebook like the MacBook Air , designed for easy transport and speed in performing everyday tasks with it? Personally, I value the improved processor more, which probably gives us a few extra minutes of autonomy and a little more performance.

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