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Apple increases Time Capsule capacity to 2TB

Apple Store (España)
Apple has quietly updated the Time Capsule by adding a new model with 2TB capacity for $499, the previous price of the 1TB model which now appears lowered to $299 . On the other hand, the 500GB model disappears leaving the 1TB model as the most basic that we can acquire from now on, at least as far as the American store is concerned, the Spanish one still does not reflect any change. Considering the prices in Spain, it is most likely that when the update takes place we will be able to acquire the 1TB model for 259 euros and the 2TB model for 439 euros.

Time Capsule is basically a hard drive version of Airport Extreme initially introduced in January last year and has all the features of this (one Wi-Fi 802.11n base station with simultaneous dual-band support) as well as being the perfect companion to Time Machine , Leopard’s backup system.

Apple increases Time Capsule capacity to 2TB
Apple increases Time Capsule capacity to 2TB

Anyway, good news for those of you who haven’t got one yet and are considering it. I for one will continue to use my Airport Extreme connected by USB to an external box with two hard drive slots expandable to infinity and beyond, the most economical option (what aesthetics) even after today’s sale.

Thanks to Martin for the warning!

Time Capsule Apple Store (USA)

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