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Apple Increases Pressure in Light of Watch

During the last weeks we have been able to see how Apple has increased the presence of lobbyists in Washington , especially after the launch of Apple Pay and the imminent arrival of its smart clock in a couple of months. According to the information, last December Tim Cook showed up in the capital of the United States.

If all goes according to plan, the Watch will be launched next March. That’s why Cupertino’s guys would be working hard so that there won’t be any problems when they get to the market , which is why they would have increased the lobbying.

Apple Increases Pressure in Light of Watch
Apple Increases Pressure in Light of Watch

For those who do not know what a lobby is, say that it is a group of people who exert pressure on a government or a company, especially in relation to political and economic decisions . In this sense, Apple has decided to increase its presence at a key moment such as the future launch of the Watch.

Tim Cook takes lobbying seriously

The current CEO, Tim Cook, has taken the issue of lobbying more seriously than Steve Jobs. According to reports from, the U.S. company lobbied the White House, Congress and 13 departments and agencies of the Federal Trade Commission’s Food and Drug Administration through the third quarter of 2014.

If we look back, we see how in 2009, right after the launch of the iPhone, Apple only lobbied Congress and six other agencies. According to online information, the apple company spent just over $1 million on lobbying during the third quarter of 2014 , with a cumulative total of $2.9 billion from January through September of this past year.

On the other hand, they point out that Apple’s spending on lobbying is expected to exceed $3.5 billion per year compared to what was invested in 2013 . However, although it seems a very high figure, it does not seem so when we look at the numbers handled by other technology giants.

Microsoft and Google spent much more on lobbying than Apple

Thanks to information published by the Bloomberg boys, we know that Microsoft and Google spent $6 billion and $13.7 billion respectively on lobbying in the third quarter of last year alone. As you can see, these figures are much higher than those handled by Apple in the same period of time.

The increase in lobbying comes at a key moment when Apple is about to launch the Watch . The company’s first smart watch has some controversies that revolve around the issue of health and in this way they try to ensure that the regulators do not give them any problems when it is put on sale.

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Last fall, it was rumored that several Apple executives met with at least two FTC commissioners and President Edith Ramirez to demonstrate the Watch and the health application .