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Apple increases its presence in Spain before the launch of iPhone X

The rivalry between Apple and Android is legendary, fighting for greater market share in different countries around the world. Our country, Spain, is clearly an Android state, as Apple’s market share is very low compared to that of Android terminals . In the week before the presentation on September 12, Kantar made an estimate of sales in Spain that has just been published. In this, we have seen significant surprises in these figures.

In August last year, Apple had a 7.1% presence in Spain with its iPhone. In the same period this year, before the presentation of the new terminals, there was a 4.3 point increase , reaching 11.4% of the market share in Spain. This means that it has grown by 60% if we look at the relative terms. This growth is very significant in a country flooded by Android terminals, due to its great diversity of models and brands.

Apple increases its presence in Spain before the launch of iPhone X
Apple increases its presence in Spain before the launch of iPhone X

In the graph I’ve left you at the top, published by Kantar on their website we can see the historical rate of the iPhone market in Spain and other countries by month. The kings of this classification are the USA and the UK, which are fighting to keep the leadership although the market rate has been reduced these months although it is expected to resurface with the launch of the iPhone X.

As far as Spain is concerned, we are in last place, but we are growing and we are almost overtaking Italy , the next country on the list. Will we end up overtaking Italy? As we can see, there are ups and downs in every country. The rise in the market rate coincides with the market launch of a new terminal from the company.

In the following bar chart we can see a direct comparison with the competition, Android. The difference is abysmal as you can see.

Both bars represent the same time frame, the darkest green is August 2016 and the lightest is August this year. We can clearly see that although the difference is abysmal, the Google operating system has suffered a small leak of users to iOS . Will this have any relevance? Leave your opinion in the comment box.

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