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Apple in 1987 imagining itself in 1997

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If the old Time Machine logo has caught your eye, this video can only be described as bizarre . Made by the company in 1987 showing how they imagined themselves and their products a decade later, the video is a good example of “the crazy years” during the absence of Steve Jobs .

Special mention to Steve Wozniak and the infamous John Sculley , Apple’s CEO during that time of crisis, who appear made-up to look ten years older (although Wozniak could well have escaped from the shooting of Planet of the Apes). In short, public computers in the style of telephone booths, satellites with the company’s multicoloured logo and even cybernetic glasses called Vista Mac . WTF!

Apple in 1987 imagining itself in 1997
Apple in 1987 imagining itself in 1997

As the previous video leaves a little taste in the mouth, nothing better than going back a few more years, specifically to 1984, and enjoying this other video extracted from the trunk of memories with the starring appearance of a rejuvenated Jobs . By the way, this last piece is curiously entitled Apple Time Capsule and it compiles the growth of the company between 1977 and 1984.


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