Apple improves the way you control your subscriptions

The App Store on iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad is far superior to that on Android devices . To begin with, since iOS 11 it has a much more careful design with interesting sections dealing with stories or collections of applications. But there is also a clear difference in the quality of the apps compared to those available in Google Play.

It has been proven that iOS users spend more money on applications, which may be the reason why developers pamper their creations in this system so much. For some time now , the subscription model for apps has become fashionable, whereby users pay a monthly fee to use the apps and the developer ensures better support and adds more features.

Apple improves the way you control your subscriptions
Apple improves the way you control your subscriptions

Subscribing to a service through the App Store is very easy, since the payment is completed using the credit card or PayPal details of our account. However, managing these subscriptions is not that easy , although Apple has made changes to make it easier for users to get around.

According to Federico Viticci, editor-in-chief of MacRumors, the way to manage iPhone and iPad subscriptions has been simplified .

If you have iOS 12.1.4 installed and want to cancel a subscription or view your active subscriptions, it’s as easy as opening the App Store, clicking on your profile picture and clicking on the “Manage subscriptions” button.

The option in the previous versions of iOS was more hidden and, although it seems silly, this change could be of vital importance for what Apple has in store for us. Next Monday, March 25th, at the Steve Jobs Theater, the company will present its new subscription-based news service and, possibly, the streaming TV and movie service that has been rumored to be so popular.

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