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Apple improves security on iPhone and iPad with Touch ID sensor

One of the most outstanding characteristics of Cupertino’s company is security. Since its beginnings, Apple has been committed to security in all the devices it has designed: iPad, iPhone, Mac… On the other hand, the evolution of technology and in turn the advance of computing has meant that security has had to be constantly renewed and anticipated any type of threat that appears on the network.

This is why the Californian firm has decided to take a step forward in the security of devices with Touch ID technology. As reflected in the MacRumors page, users will have to enter a numerical code in all devices with such technology when one of the following cases occurs:

  • If the terminal has not been unlocked by a numerical code within six days
  • When the terminal has not been unlocked by fingerprint for eight hours.
Apple improves security on iPhone and iPad with Touch ID sensor
Apple improves security on iPhone and iPad with Touch ID sensor

These new security measures are now reflected in Apple’s support documents.

It should be noted that this improvement has been available since the first version of iOS 9, although it is now that the Apple administration has wanted to make the implementation official.

The main reasons why Apple could have introduced this novelty could be related to the intensifications of the American and European security laws. This is why security controls have been increased at airports around the world to prevent accidents of a terrorist nature.

Perhaps this measure is oriented to this type of searches where in many occasions the security of the airport forces the passengers to unblock their terminals to register any activity with criminal character. In this way, Apple can guarantee the identity of the owner and avoid any conflict with justice . On the other hand, it improves security in the event of theft or loss.

Finally, with this new improvement, the North American company strengthens its security giving peace of mind and confidence to all its customers, at a time when the apple firm is not having its best moments in legal terms.

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