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Apple iBookstore adds one million customers every week

Since Apple launched iOS 8 including the iBooks application together with it natively, the Cupertino’s book store has had one million new customers every week .

iBooks as a native application

iBooks was a standalone application with previous versions of the Apple operating system, but since iOS 8 it has become a native application that installs alongside the system . This has led to Apple adding one million new users to the iBookstore. Now the iBookstore also allows for the return and refund of money within 14 days, as requested by the European Union to Apple.

Apple iBookstore adds one million customers every week
Apple iBookstore adds one million customers every week

The company revealed this great data at the world digital book conference in New York . Keith Moerer , director of iBooks was in charge of giving this news in a rare appearance, since it is not very conducive to be shown in public. One of the causes of its appearance would be the negative comments about Apple as an e-book seller and this fact could be attractive for publishers and authors who have not yet focused on the iBooks platform.

In addition Keith Moerer states that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have helped this:

“We’re seeing our book sales increase since we launched the new phones.” He said Keith Moerer at the World eBook Conference.

Moerer also says that Apple charges the same percentage on the sale of a book, being always 30% of the sales, whether it is a book published by a major publisher, or a book self-published by a minor or independent author. He said that in this way they support creative professionals who frequently use their hardware and software.

“We see this as an expansion of our support to professionals, on the hardware and software side, in the same way that we run our business in other media.”

In addition Apple does not charge publishers to promote their books .

“100% of our merchandising is focused on the publishing house. We do not accept payments from the cooperative or payments for promotion.” He mentioned Keith Moerer .

iBooks debuted in 2010 on the iPad

After debuting on iPad in 2010, it was later brought to iPhone with iOS 4. iBooks also debuted on Mac in 2013 with OS X Mavericks . In addition, the iBooks platform and its digital book offering has helped Apple to sell more iPads to educational institutions. It should be remembered that Apple focuses many of its efforts on having iPads in all classrooms at educational institutions in the United States.

Positioning iBooks as an integrated application in iOS 8 has been a wise decision , which has brought some of this success to Apple. Previously it was an optional application, as iTunes U still is, but since the release of iOS 8, iBooks is one more option within the possibilities of the new version of the operating system. Another application that has become part of the operating system natively has been the Podcast. We have known this data from the iBookstore thanks to Appleinsider.

Go ahead and create your own book with the Book Creator application , which we told you about a few months ago and which makes it easy to create your own e-book. Do you use iBooks to buy e-books? Do you read regularly on your iPad or iPhone? You can leave us your experience in the comments.

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