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Apple, I want 16 hours of battery life on my next MacBook Pro

Renewing my 2011 MacBook Pro was not part of the plan. It’s been almost six years since I bought it, the laptop that has stood the test of time the longest . A true personal record. I thought it would last at least another couple of years, thanks to an SSD and the RAM increase I did a couple of years ago.

But things don’t always work out the way you expect. A few months ago my house was broken into and I surprised the thief just as he was still inside. When he heard me, he threw a backpack out the window with all the things he had stolen, including my trusty MacBook Pro. It was a fifth floor .

Return to the computer market

Apple, I want 16 hours of battery life on my next MacBook Pro
Apple, I want 16 hours of battery life on my next MacBook Pro

To make a long story short, I recovered the backpack with all my stuff and got the thief arrested. When I opened it, the MacBook Pro was in better shape than I thought. Just a couple of scratches and the lower right corner slightly dented . Just cosmetic defects. The screen worked perfectly and so did the keyboard. My MacBook Pro is the most important work tool in my day-to-day life.

If it hadn’t been for its freefall, the MacBook Pro might have lasted another two years perfectly

Unfortunately, after a few weeks I started to notice some problems. The keyboard sometimes skips a key. Or when the Trackpad doesn’t recognize a gesture properly . Or when one of the USB connectors doesn’t respond as it should. Or the DVD player takes a long time to start. Although I must say that I have only used the latter once to import a disc into iTunes.

It’s little things. Some have only happened once and are no big deal. But they make me wonder if they’ll get worse and if one day the real bad stuff will start. Data loss . A Mac that won’t boot up. This has made me consider upgrading my MacBook Pro and today’s event couldn’t come at a better time.

There’s one thing, above all, I want to ask Apple.

More battery, above all

Over the past few years, Apple computers have made some very interesting improvements. The retinal screen is the most striking of all , not to mention the Trackpad with Force Touch and the reduction in weight and dimensions. Also worth mentioning are all the Continuity improvements that are only supported on a newer Mac than the 2011 model:

And of course, being able to play the new Civilization VI carries a lot of weight. But what I ask most from the new MacBook Pro is a 16-hour battery . A huge autonomy that Microsoft has already promised on paper in its renewed Surface Book (something that the analysis will have to prove).

The battery is still the priority of many users, so Apple should not neglect this section

The Redmond company’s proposal is interesting, but personally I prefer the integration offered by Apple with all its devices. Currently, the 13-inch MacBook Pro has a ten-hour battery life . That’s more than enough for a long day’s work. But that’s only three hours longer than the Mac I’m writing this from promised.

Análisis MacBook (2016), vuelve la mitología del MacBook.

Improving computer battery life should be a priority for Apple. I understand that a laptop should be light and contained in size (otherwise we would be talking about a desktop computer), but also get as much charge as possible . Weight, dimensions and autonomy are at odds with each other, but Apple needs to find the right balance between these three variables. And a lot of the user experience depends on that balance.

Five years ago, those seven hours of battery life was the reason that tipped the scales for me to get an Apple computer again. Now there are only a few hours left to get all the questions answered and let’s look at the new MacBook Pro, maybe even a renewed Air . It’s been a long time since I’ve expected a new Mac to be introduced with such interest.

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