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Apple honors the current generation of developers

Start the Apple Keynote. And what a way to start. Because Apple has got us used to it, they start with an advertising spot that leaves our mouths open. A spot that we could catalogue as a movie spot.

This post begins with the presentation of a new developer who is facing his first day of work.

Apple honors the current generation of developers
Apple honors the current generation of developers

He sits, ecstatic, in his workplace and prepares to listen to music on his brand-new iPod (we’re talking about the first generation of iPod) but it doesn’t have enough battery power. After realizing this, he sets out to charge it and, surprisingly, pulls out one of the plugs, which causes a series of disasters such as the automatic shutdown of all iPhones and iPads or the forced closing of applications such as Maps, which causes a series of accidents.

With a casual air and a vintage taste , they give way to the first figures.

16 million developers are known to Apple to be registered to create new applications.

Of these 16 million we highlight the most precocious of them, an Australian girl with only 8 years old who has no more and no less than 6 applications already posted on the Apple application platform.

Youngest developed on the App Store

We assume that Apple is trying to give a nod to all the developers of the other platforms to join its great team.

On the other hand, we see how Apple is also concerned with the “hidden workers”, those who are not in the spotlight of all the fans but who, nevertheless, are the most important and main cause of the success of its products.

Leave us in the comment box all your thoughts about this start of the Keynote, if you were struck by the strange principle or think it was too much. Tell us your impressions.

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