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Apple History in Ads XIII (iPhone – Part 1)

In this week’s Apple History in Ads article we turn the section around by talking individually about each product, comparing their ads and evaluating their evolution over time. Today we will talk about the iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS, next week we will mention the most current iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

In this thirteenth article in the Apple History in Ads series I am announcing a change in the direction of the section . Recent changes in Apple products in recent years have led to a trend towards giving predominance to the top product of the moment , Therefore, as we have seen in previous articles, the launch of the iPod, for example, has forced the apple company to change the way in which the brand is advertised, giving unique predominance to that product. We are currently experiencing this with the iPhone and the iPad; it is true that the MacBook and the iMac and other products still exist, but the first contact with Apple takes place today on mobile devices, to later give way to computers. Perhaps that’s why they chose to advertise iDevices.

Apple History in Ads XIII (iPhone – Part 1)
Apple History in Ads XIII (iPhone – Part 1)

In this new way of telling Apple’s story through its product advertising, we will analyze the products individually , comparing their ads and we will see their evolution . Today we will analyse the iPhone, launched in 2007, and see how it has progressed to the iPhone 3GS. Next week we will look at how it has progressed to 4S.


Announced in 2007, it was Apple’s first foray into the mobile phone market . Described by Steve Jobs as ” a widescreen iPod with manual controls… a revolutionary mobile phone… and a revolutionary internet communication device “. Based on OS X, but with a different handling, fully touchable . The new operating system was integrated with a mobile version of Safari, an iPod application with CoverFlow, access to YouTube, Google Maps and typical mobile phone applications such as calendar, contacts or calculator.

The iPhone was released exclusively for AT&T , limited to EDGE networks, instead of 3G, and with integrated WiFi . Two versions of this first version were released: one of 4 GB at $499 and another of 8 GB at $599 .

iPhone presentation announcement:

All announcements after the presentation:

iPhone 3G

Introduced in June 2008, this iPhone was the perfect successor and the ultimate bombshell to the original iPhone. For this iPhone 3G, two new main features were introduced: the ability to navigate 3G networks and the assisted GPS incursion , although these advances came at a price, increased the thickness of the device by a few millimetres. To mitigate this detail, a glossy black case was included to perfectly conceal this imperfection.

But what really made the iPhone unique and made it successful worldwide was the release of its own SDK for the development of third-party applications , all with a new infrastructure in the form of an online store: the App Store .


It was marketed in two models, with unbeatable prices: one of 8 GB for 199$ , and another of 16 Gb for 299$ for AT&T customers, but at the same prices as the previous model if we requested a free terminal. It is the first iPhone that arrived officially to Spain .

iPhone 3GS

This new model was introduced a year after the iPhone 3G. It included both performance improvements and new features , compared to the previous model. The iPhone 3GS improved greatly in performance with the addition of better CPUs and GPUs . In addition, the camera was improved by adding the ability to record video ; a Magnetometer (which works as a compass) and Voice Control (which allows control of music and voice calls) were included. It was released with iPhone OS 3.0 , which included software enhancements such as cut and paste, widescreen keyboard, phone search, Internet Tethering and the new Voice Notes application. It was sold, like its predecessor, in black and added the ability to use the white back cover , in two capacities, 16 GB (for $599) and 32 GB (for $699) .