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Apple Hires Sony Pictures Television Executives to Enhance Original Production

Apple has recently confirmed that there will be two new additions to its staff: Jamie Elricht and Zack Van Amburg, two familiar faces at Sony Pictures Television who now become part of the Apple team. Among their exploits, it is worth mentioning that were production assistants in prestigious and well-known series such as Breaking Bad or their prequel Better Call Saul.

The company of the apple has been saying for a long time that they intend to create a list of original programs, in the purest Netflix or HBO style, and everything seems to point to these two men, Elricht and Vam Amburg, as the leaders of this new project.

New faces in Apple, but with experience in Sony

Apple Hires Sony Pictures Television Executives to Enhance Original Production
Apple Hires Sony Pictures Television Executives to Enhance Original Production

We all know that Cupertino’s guys work on their new projects in detail and keep everything under tight control, so it’s not surprising that for this new challenge of creating original content they have counted on people specialized in the field.

Erlicht and Van Amburg with Bryan Cranston (Walter White from “Breaking Bad”)

“Jamie and Zack are two of the most talented television executives in the world and have been instrumental in developing the golden age of television. We have exciting plans in place for customers and we can’t wait for these two professionals to start demonstrating their expertise at Apple,” said Eddy Cue, senior vice president of software and Internet services at Apple. Van Amburg’s response was quick: “Apple has an insatiable thirst to delight customers with its products. We couldn’t be more excited about what’s coming up,” said the former Sony Pictures Television.

Netflix, get ready here is Apple

The incorporation of these two television production professionals comes shortly after the presentation of Apple’s first series, The Planet of the Apps, which suggests that California wants to make a strong commitment to the development and creation of original content. If at this year’s WWDC they already surprised us with the presentation of a series, now the arrival of Jamie Elricht and Zack Van Amburg confirms the suspicions: Apple does not want to be left behind and intends to offer its users services similar to those offered by the popular Netflix, and to do so it will have two of the best professionals Sony had on staff.

“Planet of the Apps” is the first series produced by Apple.

I personally believe that all innovations are good, at least in the first instance, and should be welcomed, or at least given the opportunity to demonstrate whether or not they are worthwhile. Netflix is today a giant when it comes to producing original series and of course Apple is going to have a hard road ahead if it wants to compete with this platform, but as Steve Jobs said at the time: “Innovation distinguishes leaders from followers”.

What do you think of these two new additions? Did you know them? Do you think they can bring experience to Apple’s new project?