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Apple Hires Medical Sensor Expert

Apple continues with its recruitment carousel related to the health and fitness sectors , thus strengthening its team by incorporating highly qualified personnel from this field. If one knew about the hiring of Roy J.E.M Raymann, a sleep expert who had previously worked for Philips, today it has been known that he has hired Marcelo Malini Lamego, former Cercacor’s technology manager.

For eight years, Marcelo Malini Lamego, a graduate of Stanford University, was the technology director of Cercacor until January of this year when he began working in a research and development team at Apple, according to his LinkedIn page.

Apple Hires Medical Sensor Expert
Apple Hires Medical Sensor Expert

Lamego is credited with over 70 patent applications and several granted patents in various categories , including sensors and patient monitoring technologies. His profile also notes that he authored more than 30 peer-reviewed articles related to topics such as neural networks and adaptive systems.

In particular, Lamego was the lead scientist in the development of Masimo’s “Rainbow Technology” platform , which is a non-invasive monitoring tool that evaluates multiple blood components and other physiological parameters that previously required invasive or complicated procedures.

The Rainbow Masimo can measure, placed on a patient’s fingertip, total hemoglobin, oxygen content, carboxyhemoglobin, methemoglobin and many more values. It is based on the use of more than seven wavelengths of light to acquire data constituting blood based on light absorption.

Lamego is not the first of the workers related to Masimo who is hired by Apple , in fact, the former medical director and the executive vice president of the company, Michael O’Reilly, joined the Apple team, as we told you a few weeks ago. With all these hires, does anyone doubt that Apple wants to launch its own interpretation of what a wearable is?

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