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Apple Hires Dozens of Engineers Fired by Texas Instruments

Apple is a constantly growing company, and proof of this is its habit of buying small businesses from time to time. Anobit was acquired by Cupertino’s people about a year ago, and now they have taken the opportunity to incorporate some of the engineers that Texas Instruments has fired into the Israeli plant. This way Apple will take advantage of their knowledge of the American company’s technologies and they will be able to be applied in improvements of the Californian’s chips.

If you remember, you will know that Apple bought an Israeli memory company a few months ago, with the aim of becoming suppliers of their own memories for their devices and thus stop depending on Samsung, as it seems that will also happen with the processors.

Apple Hires Dozens of Engineers Fired by Texas Instruments
Apple Hires Dozens of Engineers Fired by Texas Instruments

In relation to this, Texas Instruments has dismissed more than 200 engineers from its headquarters in Israel , for economic reasons, as is a classic in multinationals today.

Apple, which is not stupid and does not know the term crisis in its coffers, has taken advantage and has hired many of these engineers to join Anobit . Most of these engineers were focused on the development of Texas Instruments’ OMAP processors and wireless chips, so their knowledge may help in the development of new AX processors.

The most important thing is that Anobit will become a general chip manufacturing company, and will not only manufacture memories . Thus, the Israelis could become the manufacturers of all the circuitry in Apple’s new devices, leaving as few components as possible in the hands of other manufacturers, and thus achieving maximum economic benefits for Apple.

Now all of these engineers will come under the mandate of Bob Mansfield , who after an attempt at retirement, Tim Cook managed to get him to stay at Apple for a few more years.

Let’s remember that Apple Israel’s semiconductor development center is the first in the company’s history to leave the borders of California , where all of Apple’s headquarters are located.