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Apple Hires Divya Nag, Medical Device Expert


Apple continues to signal that it is preparing for a new product that will interact with our body and our vital signs. This time the company has signed Divya Nag , an expert in medical devices who will become part of Apple’s medical technology teams.

Apple Hires Divya Nag, Medical Device Expert
Apple Hires Divya Nag, Medical Device Expert

Divya became known after co-founding Stem Cell Theranistics, a company dedicated to testing the effects of new drugs; although Apple will be more interested in another company he founded: StartX, an accelerator of startups specialized in technological devices that help medicine .

In addition to founding these two companies, Divya has also helped many technology companies to create and plan technology products , through their legal approval and launch. It sounds like this expert will help a lot to review and test applications like the “Healtbook” that we should see to manage all data related to our health, or devices like iWatch.

Let’s cross our fingers to see the result of all that work this year. If you want to know more about Divya, Forbes asked her some questions after included her in a list of 30 people under 30 who have achieved recognition for various achievements. Quite a crack on her own, come on.


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