Apple hires an obstetrician in its attempt to promote women’s health in its products

CNBC has echoed a new recruitment of Apple in the field of health. This is an obstetrician who, according to sources, has joined the team to improve its efforts in this area from the point of view of women’s health .

A reproductive health specialist

Dr. Christine Curry graduated in 2009 from the Loyola University School of Medicine in Chicago, as can be seen in her LinkedIn profile. According to CNBC, Curry spent time in Florida where she was treating pregnant women infected with the virus Zika . Obstetrics is the branch of medicine that studies women’s pregnancy, birth and postpartum. This is why it is often included in gynecology.

Apple hires an obstetrician in its attempt to promote women’s health in its products
Apple hires an obstetrician in its attempt to promote women’s health in its products

With this contract, it is clear that Apple is looking for a way to increase its efforts in reproductive health . Currently, the Health app has a specific section to collect the results taken from apps that helps to monitor aspects such as sexual activity, menstruation and ovulation tests.

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In each of these sections, Apple gives a brief explanation about what monitoring is. At the same time, it suggests several apps that are capable of registering and providing data in the Health app. But there is no official Apple app that manages them first hand.

The company has already established its presence in the health management of its users. With the Apple Watch you can measure physical activity, heart rate, heart rhythm and many other variables of great interest. The incorporation of women’s health would provide an additional way to bring value to the user at key stages of life.

Advances for “Apple’s biggest contribution”

Tim Cook made it clear in early January that “Apple’s biggest contribution in history will be to health. More than words, we must focus on the facts that we already know and that certify the company’s interest in this sector. Among the most outstanding ones:

  • Healthkit, ResearchKit and CareKit are three development SDKs through which health apps can be created. The first one is focused on accessory manufacturers so that they can integrate with the Apple Health app. The second one is aimed at medical studies with patients on a scale never seen before. And the last one is aimed at the consumer, who can find in apps designed to know the state of their health, medicines, diseases and symptoms.
  • In late December, Apple hired the CEO of Mango, an app that helps users keep track of their medications.
  • We also know that health-related job openings have increased by 400% at Apple. That translates into a total of 75 positions that need to be filled in the company.
  • Apple is also working with health insurers to extend the use of its Apple Watch. Through different incentives, the idea is to encourage the insured to stay active to improve their health status. This is done by using gift cards or even giving away an Apple Watch.

The name AC Wellness won’t say anything to most people, but that’s what the primary care clinics are called, which CNBC also claimed would see last spring . These plans have not yet been unveiled, but the indications are quite strong.

The incorporation of a branch such as reproductive health will only reinforce the attractiveness of the products of the apple, which are nourished by software and services that are essential in its proposal. Perhaps we will see some progress in this direction in the keynote that is rumored for this spring.

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