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Apple Hires a TV Expert from LG Display


Apple CEO Tim Cook enjoys talking about his company’s plans for Apple TV . According to him, right now they are pulling the strings to see where it will lead them. Apparently, this mysterious rope has so far led them to hire a television panel expert.

Apple Hires a TV Expert from LG Display
Apple Hires a TV Expert from LG Display

In a recent report, the OLED Association business group reported that Apple had taken over the services of Jueng-jil Lee of LG Display . Why would the Bite Apple company want to hire a TV panel expert from one of the most successful companies in the industry?

Apple Hires TV Expert from LG Display

This engineer was, until now, in charge of research in the manufacture of a television based on the technology of organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) . In addition to this, he specialized in the production of LCD panels when he worked, years ago, at Samsung. As such, he is well acquainted with what is cooking in the bowels of the Korean giant when it comes to television panels.

Apparently, the first comments of the OLED Association point out that Lee is without any doubt the biggest expert in OLEDs that there is right now in Apple , and that the Californian company has great specialists in its ranks.

Unfortunately, Apple itself has refused to give any information about this new signing, or about its intentions to attack the smart TV market . Tim Cook has said several times that this is a sector that has been neglected on several occasions, and that from time to time he is considering entering it fully. This is a very interesting area for him, with many possibilities.

However, Apple’s CEO does not intend to give any further information on this subject . We know how things are done in the apple company, and until the device is presented we will only have some rumors and some suspicious pictures of parts taken from the factories.

So one of the ways we know where the shots are going is to look at the hiring that takes place in the sector . This LG expert’s contract from Apple may indicate that he is putting together an elite team that will immediately get to work on creating revolutionary television.

What could Apple bring to the smart TV industry? Right now, the technology is quite mature and the competition is fierce , but the Californian giant has an important ace up its sleeve: content. The App Store, iTunes, iTunes U and the rest of the app, video and music ecosystem of the apple company is unparalleled and user-friendly.

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