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Apple Highlights World Accessibility Awareness Day

Apple recognizes inclusion through technology as one of its values. In 2020, as every year during World Accessibility Awareness Day , the company has highlighted the applications on the App Store that support this premise and has updated some of its services for this occasion.

Accessibility seeks that all people of different ages and physical abilities can have the same access to technological devices and services. Today, Apple is recalling this commitment by highlighting a new “It Works the Way You Do” section on its home page that links to the company’s existing Accessibility page, which highlights a number of personal stories as well as features of Apple’s products that address accessibility .

Apple Highlights World Accessibility Awareness Day
Apple Highlights World Accessibility Awareness Day

In the Apple App Store, you can find several cards with the theme “Designed for Accessibility”. Several developers and contributors of three applications tell the story behind the achievement of their products designed for accessibility. These include the manual cycling tracker in the app Strava , the development of Tint , an app suitable for people with colour blindness and Voice Dream Reader , a read aloud tool for websites, PDF files and many other documents.

In another link Apple directs you to a selection of various apps that work on the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch and help with just about everything, whether it’s the more routine tasks or your language and communication skills, such as Big Keys Keyboard , a QWERTY keyboard magnifier for people with limited vision.

The list above includes the descriptive camera for the blind Seeing AI or Speakprose , a more intuitive, faster to learn and easier to edit communication application for people with basic literacy skills who struggle to communicate.

From his Twitter account, company CEO Tim Cook also took the opportunity to share a message about the date , in which he remembers Apple’s commitment to creating products and services that enable, empower and inspire all people:

Apple also made another tribute in its session “Today at Apple al Home”” , now available in Spanish, with a new session on transitions and loops in the Apple Carnegie Library’s Gus Clips application, which is done entirely in American Sign Language. Audio narration and subtitles are also included.

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