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Apple Highlights Age Limit for App Store Applications

The App Store advances a little bit more every day thanks to the users. The last thing Cupertino’s people have done to improve the experience a bit and avoid errors in the purchases is the display of an icon in the upper area of the application so we can see at a glance the minimum age for which the application we are going to download is classified.

After the various problems that the App Store has had about unwanted purchases by children and so on, Apple has been making security and protection improvements for users to prevent accidental purchases , pornography or other questionable content from appearing.

Apple Highlights Age Limit for App Store Applications
Apple Highlights Age Limit for App Store Applications

Now the last change you bring us is related to the age of purchase. Although we can set restrictions so that applications are not purchased by children , as is the case with applications such as browsers, which require us to be over 18 to download them.

Well, now this age limit is indicated just below the name of the developer of the application, framed in a box, giving it all the importance that receive the elements of the foreground , being even above the stars of the scores.

As we can see in the image that accompanies this entry we see an age classification 4+ , which now disappears from the bottom of the page to remain at the top. This layout is also inherited by the desktop version of iTunes , which places this rating in the same way as the iOS App Store.

The emphasis Apple places on the quality of its devices is also reflected in the App Store . This is how we see it on Why iPad? :

And with examples like this we have applications like Vine or 500px, which were temporarily removed from the App Store to prevent pornography from being viewed through them, forcing the developers to put up the 18-year notice to download them.

Stupid measures in some cases, but necessary at times to avoid a mess that could be much more chaotic than what we have today in the App Store , where you only need to pass the rake to remove junk and ghost apps.

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