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Apple has up to 50 doctors on the payroll working on its health projects

Apple has hired over 40 doctors in recent years, with a total of about 50 working for the company. This is stated by CNBC in an article full of interesting details about Apple’s health strategy . The exact number is difficult to determine as many of them have not updated their LinkedIn profiles, but company sources say the total number is around fifty.

Doctors distributed throughout the company

“Influential, spread across different teams and helping to guide the company’s strategy,” is how journalist Christina Farr defines the role of these doctors at Apple. This would show how seriously the company is taking its entry into the world of healthcare . In the article, several clues are given about the objective she is seeking with this type of profile:

  • Earn the support of physicians, who “potentially” may be the most critical to your health projects.
  • Assist in the development of medical applications of their products to target serious medical problems and not just users who want to stay in shape.
  • Helping the user to manage their disease, as can be seen in their partnership with Zimmer Biomet for hip replacement treatment or Parkinson’s symptom monitoring with watchOS 5.
  • To guide the communication of its medical applications among the medical community to generate a more favorable environment.
Apple has up to 50 doctors on the payroll working on its health projects
Apple has up to 50 doctors on the payroll working on its health projects

According to this information, it appears that there is no single group of doctors at Apple. They are placed on different computers throughout the company, although there are many assigned to work on the Apple Watch.

Some of the doctors working at Apple. Photo: CNBC.

Development of medical sensors , data history, R&D and AC Wellness (Apple employee primary care clinics) are other frequent destinations. The article also states that several of these doctors are in constant contact with senior Apple executives. Sumbul Desai, who comes from Stanford Medicine, is one of the leaders of this medical group. He usually works with Jeff Williams, Apple’s COO and head of Apple Watch.

Beyond fitness

With the launch of the Apple Watch in 2015, many thought that the company would focus only on the fitness sector of the population . This is a relevant audience but small compared to the general market that Apple usually targets. However, over the years, new hardware and watchOS versions, it is clear that this was just the beginning.

At AppleThe Apple Watch will assist in the recovery of hip and knee replacement patients

Apple has much more ambitious plans around people’s health. He believes that he has something to contribute to this field and is willing to carry them out. These plans are focused on three fronts:

  • Patients: For Apple, it is the most important link in the medical chain, focusing its efforts on providing value, utility and attractive design to the Apple Watch.
  • Treatments: assist in monitoring treatments through the CareKit development framework.
  • Disease research: Thanks to the very wide deployment of its products, Apple can rely on both Apple Watch and iPhone users to conduct large-scale patient studies immediately. ResearchKit is the main tool for developers interested in this topic.

New sensors such as the Apple Watch Series 4 electrocardiogram, apps that help manage the treatment of serious diseases, studies to analyze the benefits of staying active in certain conditions, primary care clinics, research of serious diseases. Certainly, Apple’s approach to health goes far beyond a “simple” wearable .

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