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Apple has registered a router with the FCC that you can never buy

Apple y el iPhone lideran, un año más, la tabla del índice satisfacción de usuario

Así, sin conocer siquiera las especificaciones de este misterioso router, del que tan solo hemos podido ver su etiqueta, tendremos que dejarlo en la lista de los productos secretos de Apple. Una noticia que sin duda molestará a unos cuantos, ya que, si en Apple pueden fabricar un router tan fiable y seguro como para usarlo en sus redes , ¿por qué no pueden hacerlo también para nuestros hogares?

Apple has registered a router with the FCC that you can never buyApple has registered a router with the FCC that you can never buy

A few years ago, Apple announced something that caught many users by surprise, who even today wish it had never happened. After having launched several routers under the AirPort brand for years, the company considered that it was no longer a profitable market for them and left behind all the products that fell under that segment. This caused a great deal of confusion, as these products were famous for their great stability and reliability .

After that, many times it has been considered the possibility that the company will bring out again new products of this range, especially with the arrival of the Wifi 6 . However, not only have we not had any rumours stating this, but it seems that they see no reason to return to this range. This became clear last year, when the company presented the first brands that would launch HomeKit compatible routers, something that probably would not have happened if they were working on a new AirPort.

In any case, this does not mean that Apple has left behind these technologies. In fact, Mark Gurman recently showed a new FCC record for what could be a new router made by Apple . However, this would not be intended for the end user, but for their facilities, from factories to Apple Store. It would seem to be a new measure to improve security in the company’s internal networks.

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