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Apple has raised $365 million for NGOs in eight years

As we mentioned a few hours ago, Apple is commemorating Martin Luther King Day today, with a clear reference on the company’s US home page. As part of these celebrations Apple has shared a press release where has wanted to highlight the donations made to NGOs and the volunteer work where its own employees have participated.

Eight years ago Apple started a donation program for non-profit organizations around the world. In all this time this program has managed to raise the chilling figure of 365 million dollars for the programs of these NGOs in addition to actively participating with their employees in initiatives where volunteers were required.

Apple has raised $365 million for NGOs in eight years
Apple has raised $365 million for NGOs in eight years

This press release states that the donation policy has doubled the donations made by the employees themselves. These donations also include funds for each hour of volunteer work by the company’s employees. In total this 2018, 125 million dollars have been raised with 250,000,000 hours of volunteer work.

One of the voluntary jobs they have wanted to highlight in this press release is that of the employees in Ireland and Cork where they give classes in coding, drawing, music and photography in local schools without any kind of financial remuneration.

This is not the only solidarity campaign carried out by Apple employees. also actively participates in the collection of food and in other organisations such as Point of Pride, taking charge of accompanying transgender people in their transition process from one sex to the desired one.

This weekend we saw Tim Cook rolling up his sleeves and helping out with volunteer work as he posted on his Twitter account.

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