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Apple has over 4 million users in its beta programs

We are not surprised to be able to participate in Apple’s beta program and probably many of us have been registered at some point in the program. Also, and although the program of betas more known is the one of iOS , we also have the same one in macOS, watchOS and tvOS. Today we have learned from Tim Cook that more than 4 million users are registered for the beta programs on the different platforms.

Currently, users enrolled in these programs can try the following versions of their respective operating systems: iOS 12 on iPhone, Mojave macOS on Mac and tvOS 12 on Apple TV . These three software versions will be released in the autumn after several months of testing by users of the program, who have seen how the versions have been successive until they have achieved a final stable and polished version.

Apple has over 4 million users in its beta programs
Apple has over 4 million users in its beta programs

On the other hand, if you are a developer, you will also have access, in addition to the programs mentioned above, to the beta of watchOS 5 for Apple Watch. In this case, because it is not possible to return to wacthOS 4 once we have upgraded, its use has been restricted to developers .

As for specific data, Apple does not provide exact figures on the number of users of each program beta , although we can suspect that most of these users belong to the program beta of iOS . It is worth remembering that there is always a small risk in installing beta versions on your device, as they may have certain bugs that make it difficult to do your daily work on the device you are using them on.

However, if you don’t want to wait any longer to have the new iOS 12 on your iPhone, this might be a good time to join the beta , since Apple has just released the fourth iOS12 beta. Furthermore, the process is fully reversible, so you can always go back to the latest stable version of your device’s operating system if the betas don’t convince you.

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