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Apple has more money in its bank account than all of Luxembourg

If Apple were a country, it would have more money than other states

Paradoxes of fate, there is a technology company that has more money than a small country that is located, more or less, in the center of Europe. We are talking about Apple and Luxembourg. And yes, Cupertino’s company has more money than the European state.

This has become known thanks to the fact that Apple has just published its accounts for the first fiscal quarter of 2014 . The accounts show that the company has made more profit in this quarter than in the same quarter last year, reaching a record figure.

Apple has more money in its bank account than all of Luxembourg
Apple has more money in its bank account than all of Luxembourg

What has been done is to compare the results of Apple’s accounts with the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). As far as we can see, if the apple company were a country, it would be ahead of countries like Luxembourg or Sudan, for example.

Cupertino’s company also makes more profit than its main competitors

These days the main technology companies, as well as others from different sectors, are making public the results of the first fiscal quarter of 2014 , which runs from October to December.

In this way it has been possible to know that Apple has obtained more benefits if we compare them with the accounts that their main competitors have published. In this way, we could say that the apple company has sold the most products or that the total of those it has sold has given it more profits.

Seeing the following graph, we can see a small comparison with Google, company with which is fighting since the launch of Android, operating system that Steve Jobs considered a crude copy of iOS. In it you can see the incredible fact that Apple’s profits are almost as much as the total income that Google has obtained .

If we already compare it with the rest of Apple’s main technological competitors, we see that it also comes out quite well. Without even knowing the Facebook data (old data has been included in the comparison), we can see that Cupertino’s, if they were to consider it, could buy from one of its competitors without almost affecting their accounts.

As we can read in Cult of Mac, none of the companies competing in the market with Apple, could do it with the revenues that each one of them has published. These are good times for Cupertino’s company .