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Apple has learned the lesson

A couple of days ago Apple introduced a new iPad called, simply, iPad . This iPad is a replacement for the iPad Air 2, as Apple has announced in a press release together with the new iPhone 7 (RED), the new Apple Watch straps and the new iPhone cases.

Today we bring you a complete comparison of the new iPad against the iPad Air 2 , we tell you all the differences of both devices – even the most hidden.


Apple has learned the lessonApple has learned the lesson

As soon as we analyzed the screen of the new iPad, something caught our attention, and the anti-reflective layer? We remember that the iPad Air 2 had an anti-reflective layer that reduced the amount of screen reflections. In this new iPad Apple has considered that it is better to put a worse screen, and leave the specifications high for the iPad Pro.

Cupertino’s claim that this new iPad has a higher brightness than the previous iPad , approaching the nits capacity of the iPad Pro.

The iPad Air 2 was the first handheld to have this anti-reflective coating , so we think it’s a step back from using it on the new iPad.


In terms of power, you’ll find the new iPad is a significant improvement over the 2014 iPad Air 2 . The new iPad features an A9 processor with a clock speed of 1.85 Ghz. The same processor as the iPhone SE, but on this device it goes to 1.8 Ghz.

In addition, the iPad Air 2 features an Apple A8X processor with a clock speed of 1.5 GHz. However, we found that the A8X has three cores with the M8 coprocessor. While the new iPad has a dual-core processor next to the M9.

Regarding the RAM, both have 2GB .

The new iPad should be more powerful than the iPad Air 2 . Something that makes a lot of sense, since the iPad Air 2 was announced in 2014 and the hardware has had two years to evolve.


Apple has not commented on an improvement in battery life, although it has increased it, it has done so in order to supply the power required by a brighter screen and the new processor . So the necessary has been increased so that the ten hour duration is not affected.

The new iPad has 32.4Wh and the iPad Air 2 has 27.62 Wh.


One of the most disappointing changes of the new iPad **is that **it has increased its thickness . The new iPad is thicker and heavier than the iPad Air 2. Something we didn’t like very much…

The iPad Air 2 is 6.1mm thick and weighs 435g, while the new iPad is 7.5mm thick and weighs 469g . Although weight isn’t a factor, thickness is a factor, as it’s 1.4mm thicker – a measurement that not all users will be happy with.


The main difference between these devices is their price. Since the new iPad arrives with a price of 399 euros while the iPad Air 2 was released with a price of 489 euros . However, Apple squandered the 16GB of storage by putting 32GB as output capacity.

A lower price means a higher market share , something that tablets need. A lower price was what made the iPad mini sweep the market weeks after it came out. Will this new iPad get the same?

The new iPad is not the expected iPad upgrade that many of us were announcing. Not the device that was expected from Apple . This is because Apple has decided another strategy, its hardware and design is going to focus on the iPad Pro. While the normal iPad will take a back seat, being an affordable tablet .

You will get more sales but a drop in the quality of your product . Something that’s very different from the Apple concept that Steve Jobs came up with. It’s not new that Tim Cook has decided to move away from the elitist concept, it’s not something negative – our pocket likes it too – but it’s not necessary to waste the design already created.

We now have an iPad, asecas, which has pleased many but has also created a feeling of disappointment for more active users .