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Apple Has Launched the 2nd Public Beta of iOS 9

Apple recently released the second beta version of iOS 9, a new firmware that offers users a preview of all the features and functions that will come with the upcoming iOS 9.

Along with iOS 9 beta 2, some bug fixes, a speed improvement and other features have been included for testing before the full version is released worldwide this fall.

Apple Has Launched the 2nd Public Beta of iOS 9
Apple Has Launched the 2nd Public Beta of iOS 9

According to the rumors from the sources, Apple has released this second beta of iOS 9 to make sure that all updates work well before its official release. In addition, the beta 2 includes support for the new iPod Touch which appeared in July.

The second beta of iOS 9 is now available

Remember that the iOS 9 presentation at WWDC15 included all kinds of improvements: a much smarter Siri, a renewed multitasking system, support for events in HomeKit, and all kinds of new features in Podcasts, Spotlight, Apple Pay, Notes, Maps , the keyboard and even a new news app.

Among the different bugs and errors that have been solved in this new public beta version we have found a more accessible iOS camera (for all those who love selfies this summer) through the use of the volume buttons, the expected return of Home Sharing and the appearance of Apple Pay from the Home button.

iOS 9 Public Beta 2 Download

Users will be able to download their existing iOS 9 by opening the Settings application, removing their mobile operating system profile and installing the beta 2. For those who want to wait for the latest updates, they will have to wait until the official release, which as mentioned above, will come in the fall.

Apple Beta Software Program

It is important to note that since this is a public beta, you do not have to be a developer to download the firmware.

Have you installed the Developer Beta 4 on your iPhone or iPad and are you thinking of downloading this second public beta? Let us know from the comments section and from the social networks.

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