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Apple has doubled production due to demand in the Christmas campaign


The AirPods Pro arrived a few weeks ago, although it seemed that they were destined for a more sybaritic public, it seems that they are being bought more than expected. A new report points out that Apple has had to double the production of the headphones to meet user demand.

Apple has doubled production due to demand in the Christmas campaign
Apple has doubled production due to demand in the Christmas campaign

As indicated by Nikkei, Apple was planning to manufacture about 1 million units per month. However, due to the fact that they are buying more than expected, the production of the AirPods Pro would have increased to 2 million units per month . As the main supplier cannot cope with so much demand, Apple would be counting on the help of the supplier Luxshare. Luxshare together with GoerTek are two Chinese Apple suppliers that already produce the regular AirPods.

In all this there is a very interesting detail beyond the fact that Apple has had to increase production. It has to do with who is in charge of making that increased production a reality. Luxshare is practically a “novice” supplier of Apple . In other words, it has only been collaborating with Apple for a few years and manufacturing its products. Normally Apple commissions the production of new products to more experienced suppliers such as Foxconn for example.

Luxshare has been working with Apple for only five years and has been making Apple headphones only since 2017 when it began producing AirPods. Why has Apple chosen to make them? Apparently because of their great capacity to adapt and to carry out a large production in record time and with unforeseen events. From Nikkei they point out that other Taiwanese and Japanese suppliers in Apple’s supply chain are beginning to worry about how Luxshare is taking a bigger slice of the pie.

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In any case, we will see if this alleged increase in production of the AirPods Pro improves your stock . Currently if we buy them from Spain for example we see how shipments are delayed until January 2, 2020. Yes, we could still say that they arrive on time as a gift from the Three Kings, although if you wanted them for Christmas as a possible gift and with the peace of mind of having them already… it’s going to be that no. The other option is to look for them at an Apple Store or authorized dealer, which usually has more stock.


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